Csr V2
Csr V2

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are where we are today because of the support of our local community and it is only fair that we give back to this community that we operate and thrive in. Only through education can we eradicate poverty and provide opportunities for people to improve their standard of living.

The CSR principles of Kim Teck Cheong are built on various aspects of guided principles and noble values.  This includes prioritising each and every member of our employees as well as our local community that we thrive in.

KTC believes that we should focus on the growth of our employees, whereby everyone will be able to reach to their fullest potential through training and development, as well as career advancement.

KTC believes that we should provide a safe and healthy working environment. This is because through such a working environment only can we guarantee to deliver an assured level of work efficiency as well as positive motivation and performance.

KTC believes that education is the key to improving lives and eradicating poverty. We aim to offer the opportunity of education to those who otherwise may not have the opportunity to gain access to going to a school.  We believe that special attention should be paid to the rural communities and we hope to be able to provide these communities with proper facilities, so that the young generation can be equipped with a solid foundation for a secured future and an improved way of life.

KTC is forward thinking and always a step ahead of others. We furnish ourselves with innovative and creative ideas that seek to bring the company to greater heights. This trademark sets KTC apart from the rest. With a vision to continue expanding its empire, we are committed to support our local community by offering job opportunities that promises an exciting and fulfilling career in the industries that we venture and compete in.

KTC readily awards scholarships to deserving students to further advance their studies and subsequently, to take part in the KTC Internship Programme. This does not just serve as a great career kick-starter for the future generation, but also serves as a channel for KTC to welcome capable young leaders that can bring new ideas and innovation that will further carry the company forward.

It is KTC’s calling to continue to expand our company and with great success, our company will be able to channel greater and immense resources to the community that we truly care for.