House Brands

KTC’s bakery products are manufactured via the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Creamos Malaysia, which holds a Halal Certification. The Creamos brand was launched in 2014.

Creamos is a high quality bakery product whereby we are currently manufacturing individually packed cream rolls in six (6) flavours namely, vanilla, corn, chocolate, yam, strawberry and Tiramisu. Our Creamos cream rolls are sold in Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan in East Malaysia.

Orie is our own brand of CPG, where we source for finished products from external manufactures locally and overseas, which are packed under our own brand Orie. Our Orie brand consists of chilled, frozen and dry foods such as wheat flour, packaged seasoning, frozen mix vegetables, and so forth.

Buttermaid is the latest CPG premium brand under the brainchild of KTC, combining western high quality dairy products, using non transfat, all natural ingredients but priced affordable.