Our Heritage

The story of Kim Teck Cheong (KTC) began in 1910 with our founder Datuk Lau Yeong Ching, then only eight years old, who embarked on a life-changing voyage from China to Borneo with his father.

As an ambitious young man who wanted to support his new family, he decided to start a small retail business. He wanted the business to be guided by strong values and noble principles. 

Hence, he named it Kim Teck Cheong (金德昌) to epitomize his dreams and visions of leading a success business with a solid foundation of strong values and noble principles.

Company Profile

Equipped with over 81 years of industry experience, the business has been successfully managed by the Lau family and it continues to expand its business presence and branding throughout East Malaysia and Brunei. 

Today, Kim Teck Cheong (“KTC”) is a first tier provider of market access and coverage in the distribution of Consumer Package Goods (“CPG”) in East Malaysia with over 7,355 sales and distribution points covering more than 84 districts. KTC’s core business focuses on providing market access and coverage of CPG including food and beverage (“F&B”), personal care, household, baby care, over-the-counter (“OTC”) drugs and health supplements.